While the new commencement of business is "the embodiment of a dream" for many, it is also the start as "an entrepreneur and a manager." While the selection of a business location is said to occupy 70 percent of one's success, we think that the discovery of a medical-examination location is what is brought about by precise analysis and measures, such as visit-to-the-hospital patient simulation analysis based on accurate data, and local life traffic diagram research, linking directly to early name recognition. All begin from matching of three elements as follows: the medical business contents analysis, the medical-examination area pre-research analysis, and the location environment analysis.

New starting service is provided if needed as the stable management of a pharmacy pulls customers with the realization that a "family" medical practice is rooted in a particular area. We offer doctors new commercial business support as a package with higher success rates based on our extensive network, our experience, and track record.

When you graduate from a pharmaceutical university and a pharmacist qualification is acquired, it is common that everyone considers opening a pharmacy business. If the parents' of a senior, a classmate, or a friend is carrying out pharmacy management then this idea may actually deepen. Moreover, although a pharmacist's salary is by no means low compared with the general public, there are few directions available to obtain still bigger income independently. However, is independent commencement of business so easy? The probability of carrying out what is termed, giving up the salary-man life, and generally succeeding in an enterprise is 1/1500 or less. Furthermore, in the national medical insurance system revision performed once every two years, lowered revision of a medical treatment fee or the dispensing fee has been carried out since the first time from the Heisei 16 fiscal year (2002), and ominous clouds have veiled future insurance dispensing. The direction where independence was successful tells others only the good portion of commencement of business.

Our independent support is adapted to each situation of the pharmacy commencement of business. This cannot only be carried out simply from the method of the introduction of specific advice but also financing to management instruction. With 100 or more prescriptions a day, advice should not “stop” or be restricted to just starting up the business. It is the optimal support program for a solid direction to enlarge the business steadily in view of a market environment based upon common sense.