We transferred the management of the pharmacist introduction business (Pharm Career Division) which used to be run by Keits Japan Ltd. as the former mother's company to us, Keits Associates in June, 2010. In order to meet client requests at the time of the new company establishment, we newly installed the nurse introduction (replacement) business as well.

In addition to the conventional pharmacist introduction, we not only structured the organization to introduce nurses, we have also expanded the recruiting service to the wider medical industry as well.

As one of the core businesses of Keits Associates, we introduce quality candidates in a timely manner based on a client's requests.

Support for Pharmacy management started under Keits Japan, the mother's body for Keits Associates in 2004.

The introduction of pharmacists to dispensing pharmacies already in the industry has been a business of Keits since the beginning. Talented people, practicality, educational know-how, and specialist knowledge from pharmacy management produces higher consulting power, which has led to high quality matches for our many satisfied clients.

* Please look at here about a pharmacist training program.

The severity of the environment involving the hiring of nurses is becoming more problematic year by year. A chronic shortage of nurses, nurse mal-distribution in urban areas, revision of a nursing standing order, and poor fixing rate, with no sign of an improvement in sight.

Keits Associates started from June, 2010 as a nurse's introduction business, and has formulated a structure which can satisfy a client's various demands.