KEITS is the abbreviation for Kansai Ethical International Tactics and Strategy, and is a full-scale medical associated business consulting company headquartered in the Kansai area. It is said that the medical industry is stable. However, what is the basis for this idea? We think that it is the vague feeling that the medical related market would never shrink. In fact, the medical relevant market is put to intense competition from small to large businesses in every corner of the market. Under this environment, advice by a specialist is indispensable for differentiation. In view of such a market environment, Keits Associates roughly divides into four core businesses.

The first core business is executive search and executive coaching . This business is a service which is specialized to those executives in the medical related companies in the Kansai and Kanto areas. It targets the executive replacement business or "headhunting" in addition to coaching for executives working in big enterprises as well as small-mid size businesses.

The second core business is a commencement-of-business support consultancy for medical clinics and dispensing pharmacies . The operational guidance after the search for a business location in the area of choice, including: financing, commencement of business, accounting, a finance policy, etc.

The third enterprise is a medical specialist introduction enterprise . Keits Associates is specializing in the introduction to the medical institutions or pharmacies nurses and pharmacists. We fully listen to requests both from employee and employer and try for both to be fully satisfied.

Our fourth core area is an advisory business for M&A, especially for hospitals, clinics, and dispensing pharmacies

Our company aims at the indirect contribution to the medical community through these services.